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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
“My people are going to learn the principles of democracy the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will, every man can follow his own conscience provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him act against the liberty of his fellow men."

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Resources and Links

There's a ton of athiest/skeptical/scientific websites, videos, podcasts, and weblogs on the Internet. This is an on-going compilation of our favorite places on the Web. These websites display a vast diversity of thought, opinion and approach. Each has their own unique ideas on some of the biggest questions in secularism. Read through, learn what others think, ask questions, discuss, and decide for yourself what you think.

Blogs by Our Members
Sleeping In Sundays - Our very own Josh Oxley's blog. He writes about morality, religion and secular humanism. His focus tends to be on secular communities and how to make them comfortable places for atheists to land. He's also interested in interfaith humanism and communities interacting in societally and mutually beneficial ways. You should ask him about it.

Scientifica Phenomena - Another of our members and a friend of hers co-write this science blog. It's not atheist-oriented per se, but who doesn't love science? It covers scientific topics in interesting and accessible ways and is a great resource for meta-discussions on the importance of science. Along with Scientifica, she has also recently joined the Teen Skepchick team, and blogs at

Inspirational Freethought - Mike, our PR Director, blogs at Inspirational Freethought about, well, the things in the world he finds inspirational and amazing. He also discusses his athiesm and his opinions on religion and the things the religious say and do.

Strange Matter - Club president, Chana, also writes a blog. She focuses on clearly and thoughtfully presenting her thoughts and opinions, on a range of topics from secularism to politics to college life to stereotypes. It's a logical, thought-through, impassioned blog, well-worth a read.

Minimax Thoughts and Derive Politics - Both of these blogs are written by Alex Z. The first, as the name implies, discusses whatever's on his mind, from sports to college life. The second, which he co-writes, covers politics and international affairs.

Blogs We Recommend
Atheist Ethicist - Alonso Fyfe defendes the Ethical Theory desirism. Probably among the most philosophically rigorous systems we've ever encountered. Very smart fellow.

Common Sense Atheism - This is a really fantastic blog written by Luke Muehlhauser (he's only 25!) who not only cares about god and atheism and religion, but rigorous philosophy and morality. There are some amazing resources like past debates, ethical theory and podcasts.

Conscience Bound - This blog is written in a fairly informal, accessible style, with short posts and easily understood language. The blogger is an ex-Christian who often addresses the contradictions and difficulties with Christianity in particular.

Daylight Atheism - Daylight Atheism is an extremely well written and frequently updated blog about skepticism, atheism and secular humanism. Adam Lee tends to write about perceptions of atheism and the way in which it affects the world rather than about philosophy and personal issues with religion, though all are brought up.

The Friendly Athiest - Hemant Mehta is a very well-respected blogger who was mentioned in the God Delusion and has spoken at Secular Student events many times. The blog is a great way to keep in touch with what's going on in the secular political world.

Pharyngula - The most widely-read science blog on the internet. PZ Meyers is A. Awesome and B. An evolutionary biologist and the University of Minnesota. He writes about science, science education, atheism and the role of religion in public life. He also reads xkcd.

Preliator pro Causa - Very political young atheist. He writes about US politics and the religious influence in them. He also writes stories and draws comics about his secular interests.

Science, Reason, and Critical Thinking - Crispian Jago's blog is a "blog in words and pictures." He creates very cool infographics, comics and pictures. For example, this awesomeness.

Unreasonable Faith - A cooperative blog with a few contributors, most especially Daniel Florien, an ex-Evangelical Christian. Clever, well-written, with a broad focus on secular issues.

Greta Christina's Blog - Greta Christina writes about a great deal of things besides atheism, but she's written some incredible posts, including about justifiable atheist anger, the firebrand/diplomat dichotomy in social movements, comparing the atheist movement to the LGBT movement and advocating for a focus on diversity within the atheist movement.

Skepchick - A skeptical blog written by several authors, most of whom are women. It is targeted to the feminist/athiest/skeptical woman, and to those communities at large. They discuss everything from pseudoscience to politics to parenting, and offer engaging, interesting, and often amusing perspectives on current news and topics they find interesting.

YouTube Channels
Thunderf00t - Has a fantastic series called Why do People Laugh at Creationists. Can be somewhat offensive, but is certainly logically consistent.Coiner of the term PEARList (Physical Evidence and Reasoned He has interviewed Richard Dawkins, Ray Comfort and PZ Meyers.

TheAmazingAtheist - Very angry, lots of rants. Sometimes more yelling than thinking, but had a recently great video about the Ground Zero Mosque "controversy."

TheoreticalBullshit - Talks about Christianity and religion and atheism, and has a great grasp of philosophical issues. I would most certainly recommend his Treatise on Morality. He also started a blog which is very much worth reading:

Mister Deity- A YouTube comedy show featuring Mr. Deity (God), Lucy (Lucifer), Jesse (Jesus), Larry (the Holy Spirit?), and a host of other Biblical characters. The actor and director of the show, Brian Dalton, is a former Mormon turned atheist, and has created a honest, sarcastic, and overall hilarious show.

Other Websites
Secular News Daily - A compilation of news stories in the world, presented from a secular perspective. A good source for what's going on in the world today.

National Secular Student Alliance - The homepage for National SSA, a good resource for secular students looking for a national community.

The University of Chicago - The main website for the University of Chicago, where this Secular Alliance is based.